The use of cloud-based technology has become the great equalizer of IT services for small businesses. Prior to this breakthrough, large businesses had a technological advantage via IT personnel on staff or IT departments at their disposal to monitor threats, solve problems, and customize business solutions. It was easy for the IT department to develop an application, for example, that created unique reports to determine business performance. It was also no problem to keep up with the latest systems and software.

No Resources

Small and medium businesses had minimal resources to maintain any IT staff or replace technology equipment when the newest versions were released. These businesses struggled along with outdated computers, support only when there was a problem, and covering expenses for repairs. It was difficult to keep up with marketing, performance measurement, and advanced technology.

The Cloud

Cloud-based services are not dependent on hardware and business servers. A small business can be in possession of a few desktop or laptop computers and pay a flat rate for Business Computer Services in Charleston. Owners can now focus on running the business while professionals take care of IT needs. This is possible because data, applications, software as a service, and network security can all be enhanced, and updates are automatically loaded to the system.

The latest advances in technology are available at a modest cost, so smaller business owners can afford to have access to the same technology as large corporations. There are no license worries either. Signing up for Cloud-based Office 365 Services can be done for a flat monthly rate. The owner simply needs to select among business, business essential, or business premium services to get what the business needs to get the most out of Office 365.

Many Other Valuable Services

Managed IT services, support for employees, maintenance and monitoring services, and other cloud services are offered. Communication and collaboration applications, compliance and security audits, and consultation services are available as well. Get started with a free network assessment. The professionals will identify any vulnerable areas in the network, help devise a strategy, and provide necessary services at affordable rates. Keep up with the competition and utilize technology to the fullest to help the business thrive.

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